Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What a show!

When I went outside yesterday evening to get the clothes off the clothes line God put on quite a show for me.  OK, it wasn't just for me, but it was so beautiful I immediately went back in to get my camera to share it with you.

This was what I saw to the east of our home.  It was slowly rolling over from the back to the front, like it was  boiling out of some giant celestial cooking pot.

This is what was going on to the west of our home, as viewed from the backyard.

When they met each other it got super dark, super quickly and the lightning and thunder and wind started.

And then:

it sprinkled

It blew over very quickly, probably in 5-7 minutes.  Then the spectacular show went on.

We need rain, so I'm glad for any and all we get, but my home state of Texas is DESPERATE for rain, so if you could send a good thought or prayer that way for them, I'd really appreciate it.  My Mom's pond, for the first time in my life, has gone completely dry.  Everyone is selling off their cattle because there's no hay growing, so no way to feed them now (because there's no grass growing, either) or through the winter.  Things are bad for so many people down there.  :(  

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