Monday, February 20, 2012

Can't wait to hear the update

I have a son who's moving up to Boy Scouts soon.  He's in a den with a great bunch of kids: friendly, helpful, good students (and I mean that they all work hard at school and behave, not that they are all A students or speak six languages), polite, just all around fun and nice to be around.

This weekend several of them got together to camp out and play in the woods and 'rough it.'   There are five of them out there together. We dropped them off with their sleeping bags, clothes, MREs (they LOVE those and water.  They were camping close enough to one's house that they could easily walk over and sleep inside if they got too cold, but they were adamant that they were sleeping outside (no tents taken).  Temps were in the 40s and BEAUTIFUL during the day and down in the 20s at night this weekend.

I know they are making memories that will last forever and I know they are having an absolute blast.

I cannot wait to hear all about it later today.  :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Excuse me while I whine

Ever have one of those months?

In no particular order:

I want to PLANT stuff!

Sick of sick kids.
And a sick hubby.

I need to have an outpatient surgery and hubby's work is beyond ridiculous right now, so it's going to have to wait, just no option on that.  On top of that, they do these types of surgery on one particular day of the week and it happens to be one of the two days of the week that I have an obligation......that day of the week, every week.  The next day is the second day.  lol

My vehicle has to go in the shop.  Dreading hearing that $.  Was hoping it was just the oil sensor but I think we're beyond maybe the oil pump?  It is 12 years old, so something had to break sometime, I know, but still....  Guess I know what the tax return will be going for.

Mawmaw's drama.  Can I just say how much I can't STAND drama?!?!  She had a checkup today.  Blood sugar level was fine, her A1C was fine, blood pressure was fine, no need to adjust any meds.   Great, right?
Should have been.  I kid you not, though, she went from being just fine, giggling with my youngest son to the SECOND the doctor walked into the room looking all gloomy.  She's telling him how bad she feels, she's 'had this cold the whole time I've lived here and I can't get rid of it.'  Yeah, you've had a cold for a year and a half.  Never mind that this man sees you every three months and knows darn well that's a lie.  So he checks her, ask how she's eating and drinking, she lies to him about it, I bust her out and tell him the truth.  I told him she ate 1/2 of what I gave her for breakfast and threw the rest away.  She told me she ate lunch while I was out of the house but considering the fact that there were no dirty dishes anywhere, that was a lie.  I KNOW she didn't eat dinner because she was in bed asleep at 4:00, wouldn't get up to eat at 6:00 and I wasn't in the mood to mess with her because I'd have said something not nice at that point.  He lectures her about needing to eat and drink without me having to force her or fight with her.  She tells him she couldn't eat yesterday, everything was coming back up.  I was out of the house for about an hour.  She was NOT throwing up yesterday.  In fact, she's only gotten sick to her stomach once since she lived with us and that was her own fault for eating a bunch of sweets.  So he says, oh, you've been sick to your stomach?  "Noooooo."  I swear, you can't even keep your lies straight for 20 seconds!

He thinks she's a tiny bit dehydrated, no surprise there.  Not bad, but he wants us to buy a big bottle of Gatorade or G2 and for her to drink it over today and tomorrow.

I go buy that after we leave the doctor, take it in her room and 'pop' the top so she can turn the lid and open it (no hand strength to crack the plastic lid open on her own).  I remind her what he said, you have to drink 1/2 today and 1/2 tomorrow.  Just keep it in here for now and we'll put it in the fridge later on.


I go to the garage to get something out of the freezer for dinner and come back in and the stupid bottle is in the kitchen on the counter.  Completely full.

I'm writing to you all here for a bit because if I go in there with it right now I'm liable to dump it on her head!  I don't think that's the hydration the doctor had in mind.  ;)  lol

Thanks for listening, folks.  :)