Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Things are.............OK, I guess.  Tolerable might be a better word.

I'm not a give out personal details kind of person, but I'll say that someone who was supposed to be very good friends (along with their spouse) of DH and mine did something really harmful and hurtful.  They betrayed our friendship and abused a position they were in for their own gain.

She's being held responsible for it, but that's little consolation when you're the one stuck with the mess.

On top of that I have a relative in the hospital for going on the third week after a horrific car accident where she had to have a truck winched off her vehicle so they could cut her out of it and life flight her.  Things are going better now, thank you God, but for quite some time it wasn't certain if she'd survive it.  She broke, well, most of herself, I guess, is the best way to say it.

A man who was a second father to me just passed away in a freak accident this last week, too.

It's very hard to be so far from home right now.

It's been a MESS around here, I tell you!

Monday, September 3, 2012

New tool for me

OK, not new, but new to me.  It's actually old, which makes it that much better as far as I'm concerned.

I bought it yesterday at an antique store that was having a sale.  I paid $15 for it.  Now I can't wait to get some cabbage!