Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fruit trees and grapes

This home came with some old, neglected fruit trees in the back yard.  There are two apple trees, one peach tree, one nectarine tree and a grapevine.  The owner of the home hasn't lived here in over 10 years and she's pretty sure no one has done anything with any of them during that time, which makes me sad.  I fertilized everything right after we moved in and we've been watering hoping to coax them back to production.

I can report now that we didn't get any nectarines.  The few that were on it got ripe and fell off or were eaten by the squirrels while I was out of state earlier this summer and husband didn't get them and save them for me.  Bad husband!  lol.  It doesn't look like we are going to get any apples, either.  The one apple tree that the owner though may still produce doesn't have any on it at all, although it did bloom, so I'm not sure what's up with that.  The other apple tree, the older one, did have a few apples on one side of it but they've slowly fallen off and now I only see maybe three or four out there.  I'm guessing that even with me watering, the horrible heat this year just did them in.

The peach tree has produced some peaches. Yay!  I picked what was ripe yesterday and have them peel and cut up in the refrigerator.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet.  I've got maybe 2-3 cups, so maybe a tart or something?

My most pleasant surprise, though, came from the grape vine.  I've been watering it and watching the grapes shrivel on the vine and fall off, or get some odd bruise looking rot on the bottoms and fall off so I thought I was wasting my time (and my precious collected rain/cooking/bath water) on them.  I tried one of the remaining grapes about 5 days ago and they were still pretty hard and TART.  So imagine my surprise last night when I'm checking everything and I found this:

The few that made it to decent size are FINALLY starting to turn purple.  I swiped one and they are GOOD.  Nice and sweet.  The skins are really thick and tough, so they'll have to be juiced, but that's just fine with me.  There aren't too many out there, but maybe I can make a jar or two of jelly.  Or maybe something else, will have to read up and see what all I can do with them.


City Sister said...

We had the misfortune of having a poorly treated apple tree on our property when we moved in...we now have literally cut our losses and are going to put up dwarf apple trees.

Tina - Searching for Simplicity said...

I'd love some dwarf apple trees. I think that's a great idea. This isn't our home, so I can't do anything to her trees, but I sure do share your feelings of wasted space.