Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our only lonely cantaloupe

For some reason we only had one cantaloupe that grew out of three vines.  It was fun to watch, but man, did it grow slowly.  We thought it was neat how the veining doesn't show up right away when it's growing.

Well, one morning it finally happened:  I went out to hang up clothes and check the garden and it was off the vine.

Want to see our tiny only lonely cantaloupe?  Here it is when it was still growing.

Here it is with me holding it in one hand.  Huge, huh?  lol

Let me tell you, it was very small, but it was also V-E-R-Y   G-O-O-D

We have four honey dew melons growing out there.  One will be ready soon, I think.  Not sure what the others will do, they are still small.  Will have to wait and see.

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