Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Garden update 8/9/11

I'm still getting quite a few tomatoes daily.  I have five eggplants out there growing.  They aren't growing very fast, so not sure how that's going to turn out.  I think I already told you that I've pulled all the beans, peas and green beans.  I'm still getting a few cucumbers, probably 2-3 per day, which is a HUGE reduction from what it was before.  Jalapenos are doing fine, they like the heat and dryness.  Zucchinis are coming to an end soon, I think.  I get a couple every few days, but the plants are looking pretty ragged and the stupid squash bugs have arrived, so I may just go ahead and pull them soon.  I have a few melons growing out there but it's August already, so not sure how big they'll get during the rest of the growing season here.

I made more spaghetti sauce the other day because I had probably 10-15 pounds of tomatoes to use up.

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Over Yonder said...

I'm jealous of people that can grow tomatoes. every year I try. This year I thought was going to be a success. I got one small tomato from one and now despite water is drying up. I have a beautiful plant hanging that has had about 6 but they would not turn red! With as many people that grow them where I live next year I am going to buy them. Well actually that's what I did this year ahah.