Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm like a kid in a candy shop!

Let me start by saying I'm not selling anything for this company, I'm not getting anything from this company, I don't even know any of them in person........this is just a site I enjoy browsing because they carry such wonderful items, so I wanted to share it with others that think like I do.

I have spent hours drooling over the items at Lehman's.  Do you know Lehman's?  They make non-electric items for household use.  Fermenting crocks, hand cranked food mills, water pumps, butter churns, wood fired cook stoves, oh.....the stoves.

I'm thinking of how much room I'd have for canning on this one:

Mr. Lehman started the store to service the Amish community and now they sell to all kinds of people, homesteaders, missionaries, and others who need dependable equipment where there is not dependable (or any at all) electricity service.  I'm seriously thinking of planning a trip to their store.  It's only about 5.5 hours away, maybe we'll make a weekend of it.

Man, if I won the lottery, I'd be like a kid in a candy shop there.  OK, OK, first I'd have to PLAY the lottery, but that's a minor detail, right?  lol

Really, though, this winter when you need to ease your mind, go to their site and look around.  Not only will you be amazed at the selection of items, if you are like me, your soul will be calmed, too.  So many of us long for the simpler life, simpler in the ways of operation, no rush from one task to another, no rush to perform one task before you washing machine turns off and you hang out clothes......the simplicity of starting a task manually and staying there concentrating on nothing else until it's done.

That's what I find, see and feel with Lehman's.

Oh - click on their Country Life Blog (in the column on the left hand side) to read about the flood they experienced (wish I could have visited that 50-75% off sale, I know people got amazing deals) get some great recipes and learn about all kinds of country stuff.  It's a great read.  :)

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