Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old and young, life revolves around it

Warning:  Poop talk ahead!

I want to put another disclaimer here, besides the one about poop.  My husband's grandmother lives with us.  She's smack dab in her middle 80s.  She's outlived her husband and all of her children.  I am her primary care giver.  I get nothing from doing it, money-wise, but I'm happy we can have her here, ensure she's healthy and taken care of and my kids can know her.  My paternal great-grandparents died before my Dad was born and my maternal great-grandparents died when I was a child, so to be able to provide the opportunity for my children to know her is a good thing in my book.

Having said that, sometimes she's just too much and you have to laugh.   :)

When you have a baby your life, to a large extent, revolves around poop.  When they are newborns you are told they need to have at least X dirty and Y wet diapers per day.  This goes on until their systems figure out how to regularly process food and get in a rhythm particular to that child.  When they are young children, you help them with potty training and yep, poop again.  When they get sick you worry about dehydration and constipation or, on the other hand, diarrhea.

If you aren't aware already, let me fill you in on a secret.  When you get older, your life again, apparently, begins to revolve around poop.

If you do not poop every. single. day. then you are sick.  If you poop twice in a day.....you are sick.

Conversation from this morning:

Mawmaw:  I want you to know I was SICK yesterday.
Me: (Knowing she ate fine and acted fine all day/evening.)  What was wrong?
Mawmaw:  I was having stomach issues.
Me: (Knowing where this was likely heading from past experience.)  Well, I hope today is better for you.
Mawmaw:  Me, too!  I can't believe I had a (whispers) b-o-w-e-l   m-o-v-e-m-e-n-t TWO TIMES yesterday.  I don't know what was wrong with me!

Probably the two pots of coffee she drank yesterday, huh?  That would be my guess.  :)

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