Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting ready for deer season

Deer season is coming.  Husband bow hunts and is pretty good at it, if you don't mind the wife-brag.  :)

We own a stand up freezer that I bought at an estate sale roughly 8 years ago.  I'ts moved all over the country with us since then and still works great.  It's not a frost free model, though, so about once a year I have to empty it and defrost it.  It seems to me that doing it before deer season is a logical choice plus I'll have an up to date inventory of what's in there.  I know we only have a few packages of venison left, so I'm glad deer season is on the way.

When we moved into this house the owner had a chest freezer here.  She's told us that we can use it as she has no plans to take it to her house.  It's been unused but does work.  So, I've cleaned it well and am going to plug it in and let it get cold.  Then I'm going to move our stuff to that freezer and then unplug, defrost and clean our freezer.  I'll inventory and then move it all back and unplug her freezer again.  If hubby is lucky enough to get more venison than will fit in our freezer, we'll have hers to use as backup.  I do plan to can some venison this year, too, so that will save space.

OK, so, I'm going to share my messy freezer 'before' picture with you now.  You can tell the kids and everyone have just pulled stuff out willy nilly or thrown new stuff in there without stacking it, drives me nuts!  lol.  I plan to get the cleaning/organizing done this week some time, so you'll see the after then.

Freezer shelves

Freezer Door

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