Friday, August 12, 2011

Move over husband

This is the first time I've ever lived in a house with a basement.  It does get some water when (and if we ever again) get heavy rains, but there is a pump and they did a bunch of work on it after we moved in, so I'm hoping it works.  Regardless, though, there are some heavy shelves down there.  Husband has been using them for his stuff since we've been here.  Yesterday I told him he has to learn to share.  lol.

I've outgrown the limited storage space in the kitchen and dining area.  So all of this had to go live in the basement.  Then I ended up finding MORE stuff, probably another 10 jars or so, so it went down, too.

There will be more as we go along, too, I'm sure.

1 comment:

Rockhoppa said...

Where in the world do you find thed time to do all this stuff??????? i'm in awe of u woman!