Monday, April 30, 2012

Request for those that pray

There is a little boy here that's my buddy.  He's such a sweetie.  He hangs out in our Awana class and my class kids call him their mascot and they all love him, too.  He's a toddler, cute as a button and has the best personality.  Every time I walk by him he'll put his arms out, come to me and give me a big ole hug.  His face just lights up when he sees someone he recognizes.  He loves everyone.  Sometimes, when I'm really lucky, he'll come to me at the beginning of church service and snuggle up, fall asleep and stay in my lap all service.  He's a precious child, a true gift from God and I love him to bits.

He's in the children's hospital's burn ward right now.  He grabbed a cup of scalding hot coffee and dumped it down himself.  Dad has medical training and had his clothes torn off in seconds, which really helped stop the damage from being worse.  He's got second degree burns on his chin, shoulders, down his chest and stomach and the worst part is where the coffee pooled right at the top of his diaper.  They did his de-briding (sp?) bath, where they scrub the dead skin off, yesterday and even though he was heavily medicated he passed out from the pain.

I went to see him last night and he's such a doll baby.  They are doing their very best to stay on top of his pain so while I was there he was feeling OK and was actually up walking around some.  His biggest complaint is that they have the IV tubing in his arm (port in but not currently hooked up to anything) and this big inflated cast thing on it to keep him from bending his arm.  He was not happy about that and it was so cute when he'd pick up a snack or his bottle and try to reach his mouth with it.  He couldn't because his arm won't bend, so he'd have to switch hands and you could just see the "UGH!" look on his face, lol, poor sweetie.

Last night he was running a slight fever, so we are all worried.

I will call later this morning to check on him.  I'm hoping that they are all sleeping this morning, so I'm not calling yet.

If you pray, please pray for my little buddy, his parents and the doctors.  They can use all the prayers they can get.

Thank you


Erin said...

I will absolutely pray for him, so sorry to hear the little guy is going through so much!

City Sister said...

Poor baby...I hope everything turns out okay for him and we'll keep him in our thoughts and prayers.