Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Government WAY overstepping it's bounds

I'd guess that by posting that title I might end up on a "watch her, she's a homegrown terrorist" list somewhere.  Then again, I'm sure I've been on that list for quite some time now, right along with my husband.  You know, because he's in the military....therefore he's had training, experienced how the government works and therefore can't be trusted.

Big Sigh.

Carolyn, over at Krazo Acres has a great post up saying so much of what lots of us are thinking.  We're tired of the government doing whatever big business wants, which is stepping on the little guy.  You know - the responsible, self-employed business owner, humane farmers who don't pump their animals full of antibiotics 'just because' and who don't add crap to the meat that we can't say, or wash it in bleach right before selling it.

(There are a few *grown up* words in her post, just so you know ahead of time.)

Michigan wants it to be illegal to raise heritage breeds of pigs.  Yes, you read that right.  The average person should not be allowed to raise pigs that are proven to thrive on open air, pasture land and sunshine.  The average person should only be allowed to buy pigs raised by commercial outfits that live in tiny, cramped spaces with no room to roam and that get pumped full of antibiotics and hormones "just because."

This is beyond ridiculous.  It's my land.  If I'm within my land regulations (ie: out of city limits and livestock is allowed) if I want to raise good, clean, disease and medicine free meat for my family - get your nose out of my business!  If the government (and read that as the big commercial pig growers that are pushing for this) win this you can bet they'll try it in other states and with other animals.  I do NOT want my family's only choice for meat to be the medicine filled, extra fluid injected to plump up volume, dipped in bleach water stuff that comes in trays from the big grocery stores.  No way!

To read it, click -> Krazo Acres 
Then when you're done, follow her link to Bakers Green Acres and you'll get really mad.


Tiny Gardener said...

I totally just did that exact same thing. Carolyn Renee is going viral!

Carolyn Renee said...

Tina, thank you for the link! And for the warning people of my *grown up* words. Hehe! Sometimes it's just not enough for me to scream "You stupid poopy head!" Although I have to admit I've much curtailed my *grown up* words now that I have a toddler around. Nothing like worrying that your kid might mouth off a four letter word at the grocery store check-out line (not that it's happened to me. Really, it hasn't!)

PS- Tiny Gardener, is that something I need to take an antibiotic for?????

Erin said...

CR's post was awesome, and a big AMEN to that!