Friday, April 13, 2012


I know I'm not the only one who's had freezes the last several nights.  I covered what I could and what needed to be...except for the fruit trees.  There's no way to cover those (well, except my satsuma, I did cover it because it's in a pot).  The peach and nectarine trees have small fruits on them already and the apples are in bloom.

I wonder if any of them are going to survive.


Erin said...

We have one more night only of this, supposed to be 38 tonight, shouldn't affect my perennials out there but will keep waiting on planting those tender veggies!

fullfreezer said...

I'm guessing that the trees will survive- they're pretty resilient. But fruit? After a night at 26 degrees I've pretty much kissed the apples goodbye this year. I hope my parents have some this year.
Sorry to hear you got hit too- it sounds like it's going around.