Friday, April 13, 2012

Mawmaw medical stuff

OK, to continue some now, because it really gets overwhelming dealing with it all, all of the time.

During the dementia test she did OK, I guess.  She knew the date, state, her name and birthday, that kind of stuff.  She didn't know the county, city we live in, how to spell the word *world* backwards and several other things.

The biggest one, though, was after the test when he's checking her leg wound to make sure that the diabetic healing cream is working and she pipes up and tells him that until that very minute she never knew she had diabetes.

You could have knocked me off the chair.  She was on diabetes meds. for roughly 12-13 years before she moved in with us.  She's not on meds. now because it's dietary controlled for the last three years (since moving in with us) but she goes to a foot specialist.....because she's a diabetic.  She has special shoes that the insurance company provides......because she's a diabetic.  They pull A1C tests on her to check her blood...because, well you get the idea.

No idea, she says.


Either she was screwing with him to get some drama (because she loves attention) or things may be a LOT worse than I thought.

Of course, this is also ignoring the fact that her mother died quite young and when she died her hands, feet and lower legs were 'solid black and hard as a rock.'  Sounds like diabetes to me.

Nope, according to Mawmaw, her mom died of breast cancer.  No matter how many doctors have told her, showed her pictures, information and discussed how she has the hereditary kind, it doesn't matter - her mother didn't have diabetes.

(No matter what she says, her mom did have it, she has it, her daughter had it and died from complications from it......yeah, it IS a family thing.)

I bring up the breast cancer self-mis-diagnosis only because it ties in with another self-diagnosis she has.

Thanks for the very kind words on my last post, ladies.  It does make me feel better knowing that others understand and I'm comforted to know there are prayers being said over this.  Thank you, truly.

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Erin said...

Wow, it does sound like drama, but who knows? Either way drama or dementia, it's going to be a struggle for you, I sure hope you are getting to have a little time for yourself every now and then, you need it! :)