Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We made fruit leather

Don't ask me why we haven't done this before.  We own a dehydrator.  We've dried all kinds of stuff in it, jerky, tomatoes, bananas, jalapenos, etc.

We took some of our applesauce and added a package of cherry sugar free jello mix to it.  I had a sheet that you're supposed to use for soft stuff like that, so we used it.  I had too much applesauce, though, so I put plastic wrap over two trays and spread the rest on that.

The plastic wrap trays finished first, by a few hours.

The kids love it.

I meant to take pictures for you, but you know how I am.  I took a picture of the applesauce all mixed up but forgot to take one of it spread out on the trays, partly dried and dried.

Then I cut it up and the kids ate it.  lol


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