Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A tick!

OK, not A tick.......lots of ticks.

Yet another thing that having a mild winter has messed up.  It's early in the year but there are ticks everywhere already.  We've removed 7 off of us so far this year plus found two on the floor in the house.  Only 3 of those were from the days we spent walking in the woods.  The rest were after being at the city park, at a state park campground (read about this below) and one that I guess came from the back yard.

A Scouting camp out had to be postponed until they could reserve a new location because the first site was covered with ticks.

If you're outside at all, be sure you do your tick checks regularly!


hoosier girl said...

Yikes! That makes me thankful for my guineas-no ticks so far!

Erin said...

We have them so bad normally here, I'm really fearful for what this mild winter will do, tick overload! Ours are super tiny so it's hard to find them. We went to the park once when my oldest was about 3 and I remember at bath time that night finding like 3 of them on his little "private parts" I screamed so loud for hubby, I was so freaked out he had to take them off, yikes! I can take a lot of things, but not ticks!

Linda said...

Oh NO! Whatever you do, please don't send them my way! ;)