Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The rest of the haul

We practice Leave No Trace principals on outings.

Leave No Trace is what Scouts and schools call it now.  When I was growing up my parents just called it cleaning up after yourself and whatever jerks came before you.

It's really sad the amount of trash we drug out of the (public access) woods with us.
Beer cans
food wrappers
fishing line
bait boxes and bags
store bags
empty shotgun shells

The thing that made me most mad, though, was that someone had gone out and set up a bait trap to try and gather sheds from the deer.  It was obvious that they had poured some kind of bait on the ground from the amount of traffic that area had gotten (prints all over).  They had then taken some of that orange plastic fencing like you see at construction sites and wrapped it all over around and on top of the bait.  Our best guess is that they did it when the deer were shedding their antlers and they were hoping they'd get caught in the fencing while they tried to get to the bait and they could just pick them up right there.  I have no idea if it worked or not, but they left it there when they were done and we found it because we saw the orange as we were walking around and went over to see what it was.

People are REALLY jerks sometimes.  Why walk around looking for sheds following deer trails like the other guys when you can maybe increase your odds by doing something illegal (you can't bait for anything here) and as a bonus, put some animals at risk of getting entangled, too.

So we drug all of that crap out with us, too.  I hope they'd be ticked to know that their poles and fencing are now part of my rabbit defense system in the new area where I planted cucumbers and peas this year.  So, thanks, jerks, for buying that stuff, I hope it cost you a bunch!  By the way, we stopped and reported what area it was in, too.  Hopefully they can keep an eye on it next year and catch the jerk.


hoosier girl said...

Good for you! People like that really get my goat-wait, not my goat I love her too much. But they make me mad!

Erin said...

This post was a hoot! Only because I was furiously nodding my head and can't stand jerks like that but you have such a way of telling the story LOL. Your Cubs will remember this for a long time and hopefully be able to persuade friends someday to not act like a jerk! I love what you said about "Leave No Trace"... that's the way I feel about "Going Organic"... my parents and grandparents just called it "being frugal"... have you seen the price of poison? bahahaha.....