Tuesday, May 1, 2012

That would be a neat trick

Last night Mawmaw tells me that when we get back home she's going to buy herself a new bed.

"I'm going to give the bed I have now to (oldest child's name).  He's going to be moving into his own room, so this will give him a bed for his new room."

OK - side note:  She bought the bed (which consists of metal bed frame, box spring and mattress that weighs 999 pounds) she currently has USED from some guy for $50 about 20 years ago.  She didn't know this guy, she heard about him from another patient at the dialysis clinic that her husband used.  So, um, ICK.  And she has some incontinence issues......so, Double Ick.

In other words - no way is this mattress being given to oldest child.

But, that's not the best part of this story.

The best part is the part where she's decided that oldest child is going to be moving into his own room.

We have a three bedroom house.

Hubby and I have a room.
The kids have a room.
She has a room.

WHERE is this other magical bedroom going to come from????

I really don't think he'd appreciate his 'new' bed being the bathtub!

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Erin said...

When you find that magic bedroom tell me where to find it too LOL! One of my boys would love to know :)