Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Troop, Attention!

This is another one of those changes I was talking about before.

We are forming a brand new Boy Scout Troop.

We had a huge group of boys that we took over to a Troop when they moved up and I think we over whelmed them.  We more than doubled their current Troop size, to give you an idea.

Anyway, the area only had one Troop for this end of several counties, so now there will be two.

It's a lot of work but we're hoping the boys will have a great time and learn a lot, too.  As an adult, I think it's pretty neat that my son will be able to (hopefully) look back one day as an adult and say:

Yeah, Troop ##, it's going strong and I was one of the founding Scout members!

Almost every family has had at least one adult step up and agree to get trained and hold either a committee or troop position.  Wonderful!  A bunch of us were already in the process of being approved as merit badge counselors (which can be utilized by any Scout in the area, yay!) so that's going well, too.

The biggest hurdle was getting a sponsoring organization and that's done.
The next hurdle was filling our necessary committee positions - done.
Then filling the Troop positions - done.

Now we have to plan our calendar for the boys and start fund raising to purchase gear.  There is a great flea market near here that I've already bought some stuff from, so I'm hoping we'll be able to outfit the troop well in not too long.

I've got to take my uniform to the Scout shop soon and get them to help me.  I'll now officially hold my previous position with the Pack as a den leader but I'll hold a committee position with the Troop, too.  I'm guessing I use the Troop stuff on my shirt (?) but I'm not sure.  Good thing the experts are there and so nice!  :)


Erin said...

Wow, you are awesome for having all that stuff lined up already, although the fund raising is giving me a headache thinking about it, the rest is fun, fun!

Katie said...

I never thought about what a big job it is to start a new troop!

Tina - Our Rustic Roots said...

Erin, I'm with you. I said right up front I'd hold any position they need EXCEPT fund raising chair! Happy to help out and pitch in, but I do not like the calling and planning stages of fund raising!

Katie, it is going much better than I expected it to thanks to all of the families being committed and stepping up. We are VERY lucky in that respect.