Friday, May 4, 2012

Update on my little buddy in the burn ward

Thank you for the prayers for my little buddy.

He's still in the hospital but there's a decent possibility that he'll be going home tomorrow.  He ended up with a pretty bad lung infection and a fever of over 103 degrees for a couple of days so they've been treating him for that, too, along with the burns.  The doctors' best guess is that it was something that was dormant in his lungs for a while (probably from a previous illness) and with the burn knocking his resistance down it allowed it to flare up.  Thank God he was in the children's hospital already so he got instant, great care for it.  He's off the IV completely now, even for fluids.

My kids REALLY want him to come home.  They aren't allowed to visit him in the hospital and, while they know I don't lie to them and that they can trust me, they REALLY REALLY want to see him for themselves so they can know he's OK and going to be just fine.


hoosier girl said...

Thanks for the update, sounds like prayers are being answered!

Shelli said...

Poor baby..just read your previous post. Sending tons of prayers for the little guy. Hope he has a speedy recovery and can return home soon.

Erin said...

Poor guy, I hope he is comfortable soon.