Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mawmaw!

A few days ago Mawmaw turned a spry 85!

We celebrated over the weekend so hubby would be home.  We took her out to her favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and made her a cake.

We were trying to figure out what to get her for a present because pretty much anything you give her she crams in her closet or dresser and won't use it, even if it's something she's said she'd love to have.  She always wants to 'save it for when I need it.'

My idea?

We bought her a beta fish!  I figured she COULDN'T put it up in the closet, it would give her a sense of taking care of something and hopefully some joy in watching him.

She named him Red.  :)

So far she seems to really like him, I've heard her in there talking to him a couple of times, so, hey, I guess he provided some more company for her, too.

Happy Birthday, Mawmaw!


Erin said...

That is the perfect gift for her! Happy Birthday, MawMaw!

dr momi said...

Oh my goodness that's too funny. My husband's aunt was the same matter what you gave her for a present it was always "saved". She has passed on now, I would never have thought about giving her a beta LOL!

Carolyn Renee said...

What a great idea!! Although I suppose you should occasionally check on him to make sure he hasn't been stuffed into the closet! :)

Mama Pea said...

Happy Birthday, MawMaw! And long live Red!

Katie said...

Great idea!