Sunday, October 9, 2011


I'm sure you'll be SO surprised to know that I forgot to take a picture of the jerky after it was done.  lol.  Here's one I took after it had been in the dehydrator for a couple of hours.  I tried a new marinade 'recipe' (meaning I made it up as I went along) and it turned out pretty good.  Next time I'll add more red pepper flakes, though.

There was a small local celebration going on here yesterday and a friend asked if she could set up stuff from her fruit/veggie stand in the yard to try and take advantage of the people coming and going to the event and I said yes because it would be fun to hang out with her for the day and I know they are having a pretty rough time financially right now, so hopefully she'd make some money.

Then I decided, well, if I'm going to be out there, anyway, I might as well throw some yard sale stuff in out there and see how it goes.  I got up early Saturday morning and gathered up some stuff and this guy was on of the things I put out there. He was left in the house by the previous tenants and the landlord said to do whatever we wanted with him.  He's about five feet tall and in the morning I kept turning around and wondering who was walking down the hall towards me.  lol   He was about the 5th thing that sold, too!  

In the end, I made about $60 and my friend sold over $100 worth of stuff, so not bad for a last minute thrown together thing and considering the only sign we had was the one in the yard.

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Erin said...

woohoo! I just love making money from stuff that was just collecting dust anyways! Congrats!