Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black walnuts in progress

When we lived in KY (years ago) someone ran an ad in the newspaper that you could come pick up all of the black walnuts that you wanted, for free, off of their property.

We, having no idea what we were in for, drove out there and filled up bag after bag after bag.

Are you laughing yet?

We'd never dealt with them before and had NO IDEA how much of a pain in the  , um, CHALLENGING, they were.  I'm sad to say, the vast majority of them went to waste after we gave some away and then gave up.  The few I did get open, well, I wasn't impressed with their taste.  That's because I didn't know you were supposed to let them dry two weeks after you husk them!  Sort of really important, that part!  lol

Well, I'm back for round two.  I've asked hubby to bring me some when he sees them while hunting.  So, every hunting trip has resulted in me getting a pocket or hat full of them and I finally had a bucket full.

This time I think I'm better prepared.  So, you take the whole thing and smack it with a hammer.  One good whack cracked all of them.  Then, using gloved hands, you peel the husk off and throw it away.  (Note, I've heard and read they are poisonous for animals, so be careful.)  You are left with the nut (the black blob on the right).

This is what they do to your gloves.  Or your hands, if you don't use gloves.  :)

Per the experts around here (ie: the lady who runs the big red barn feed store) you put them in a bucket of water and agitate them to get the junk off of them.  Dump the water and repeat.

and repeat

and repeat

You want to get most of the junk off of them and for the water to not look like strong tea.
Keep repeating.  I was going to tell you how many times I did this, but to be honest, I stopped counting when the number got depressing.

Once they are pretty well cleaned (you don't have to get every speck off) you spread them out so they can dry.  They need to dry for two weeks, she tells me, before you can attempt to crack them and get the nut meats out.

I'll take more pictures and let you know how that goes when we get to that time!

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tami said...

You have WAY more patience than I do. I tried to dry Sunflower seeds last year. Wow, was that a pain in the....