Monday, October 3, 2011

Replenishing the freezer

The good Lord blessed us with deer this weekend.  It made or a busy, productive and thankful weekend.
I package things in pretty big packages since there are six of us in this house.

Here is the breakdown so far:

Deer 1:
Roasts - 4 packages, 7 pounds
Jerky meat - 1 package, 2 pounds
Back strap - 2 packages, 3 pounds
Stew meat - 4 packages, 5 pounds
Grinder meat 1 package, 2 pounds
(This will be made into sausage/summer sausage/ground venison later on.)

Deer 2:

Roasts - 2 packages, 4 pounds
Backstrap - 3 packages, 5 pounds
Steaks - 1 package, 2 pounds
Stew meat - 8 packages, 8 pounds
Grinder meat - 1 package, 6 pounds
Jerky strips ready to marinade - 1 package, 2 pounds

The guys field dress them before they bring them home and then skin and quarter them and then I take over processing and packaging.  They kept me busy this weekend!

Not counting left overs, that's 28 meals in the freezer, almost 50 pounds of meat.  It's a GREAT start to refilling the freezer and while I'm tired, I'm very happily tired.


Carolyn Renee said...

A full freezer makes for a content mind (and belly), doesn't it?

Erin said...

Congrats! Nothing better than harvesting your own lean, healthy meat that lived a good life!