Monday, October 10, 2011

Confused the satellite guy

I got a phone call from a satellite TV company.  It went like this:

Him:  I'm calling from XYZ, I want to ask you about your TV service and tell you about our offers.
Me:  I can save you some time.  We don't have cable or any other TV service and aren't going to get it.
Him:  ...........
Him:  You don't have cable?
Me:  No
Him:  You don't have satellite TV?
Me:  No
Him:  Why not?
Me:  Never turned it on when we moved years ago because we were too busy and no one missed it, so it's stayed off ever since.  It's been over three years now.
Him:  (I can picture him quickly scanning script looking for ANYTHING that might apply to me) So, what are your favorite TV shows?  What would you do if you wanted to watch a show that used to be your favorite?
Me:  I do have a few favorites.  I watch them online, for free.
Him:  Online?
Me:  Yes.
Him:  For free?
Me: Yes, everything I want to watch, I can watch online.
Him:  Well, we have packages starting at $24.99 per month that include the major networks plus extras.
Me:  That's $25 more a month than I pay now.  Why would I do that?
Him:  Thanks for your time.

That was actually fun to blow his mind that way.  Not that I like junk calls, but if they were all cable and satellite folks, it would at least raise my entertainment level around here!


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