Sunday, October 9, 2011

Four and twenty black birds.....

Otherwise titled:

We have you surrounded!

The other morning the black birds descended on the area.  It was crazy.  This is the side yard.

Sorry the picture isn't too great, my camera kept trying to focus on the window screen.  All those black dots are birds.  They were in the side yard, back yard and front yard solid.  The other side of the house is the neighbor's driveway and I didn't get to check it before a car drove by and scared them off.

I was heading to get a picture of the front yard when the car drove by, so this is all I got a picture of:

It was pretty funny to see them all around the house like that.  Silly birds!


Erin said...

Here too, they have descended like a horror movie! The dogs have been going nuts all day by the back door :)

Tiny Gardener said...

That was like a real life experience of Hitchhock... Crazy!