Friday, October 28, 2011

Laundry detergent update

Do you remember back on Sept. 20th when I had to make more laundry detergent?  Well, I wanted to give you an update on that.  I'm guessing now that Mawmaw was wasting way more detergent than I originally guessed.  I say that because I hid this batch. Yes, I did.  I am actually hiding laundry detergent in my own home, how sad is that?  lol.

I taped a piece of paper on the container and I've been marking every time I wash a load of clothes.  I won't give it away by telling you what number I'm on now, but I will say it's lasting longer than I thought it would (and than it has in the past, hence my suspicion) and I normally wash at least one load per day.

Even better news, a friend here in town called me the other day and asked me for the 'recipe' that I use to make my soap.  We've talked about it a few times before and she's finally decided to try it!  Yay!

Will let you know when the detergent is all gone what the final load count was!

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