Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recycled cooking

That's what I sometimes call 'use up the left overs night' around here.  Most of the time if we have several containers of various left overs from the week, we do a pot luck type dinner where the first person in the kitchen gets the best selection and we clean out the fridge by eating them up.

Since the weather cooled off so nicely, I decided to make a casserole of sorts.  I had about one link of sausage, so I cut that up and browned it with onions and garlic.  I cooked a partial box of stelline pasta I had in the cabinet (left over from when I made soup, which is usually what I use that pasta for) and put it in the skillet with the sausage.  I also had two ears of corn in the fridge so I cut them off and threw them in along with some green peas I had left.  I added a can of reduced fat, reduced sodium cream of mushroom soup and I shredded up a small piece of sharp cheddar cheese and mixed it in, too.  While that was going on I'd used the broiler to brown up some sourdough bread that had gotten a bit stale.  Took the bread out, put the casserole in a dish and threw it in the oven for a bit, made a big salad to go with it and dinner was served.

No left overs this time!


Erin said...

Looks good! We call that creative cooking here LOL

Carolyn Renee said...

We have leftover night here also, but it's usually the "first come first served" way of doing it. I'm too lazy to make such a nice casserole of the fridge leftovers like you do! :)