Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh my gosh, what a ride it's been!

I'm so sorry I haven't been here in so long.  Life got ridiculous there for a bit!

Scouts started back up, Awana started back up, 4H started back up and we had some other church and school stuff going on.  Was hard to find time to sleep there for a bit.

OK, lots to fill you in on!

Having a blast with my Scout den.  Small group of great boys and man, are we having fun!  My oldest son's den is going camping in the next month and it's looking like it might be pretty cool weather by then.  That would be nice for them instead of baking in the tents like potatoes in an oven.

I broke a tooth.  Well, it broke is probably a better description.  Best guess by the dentist is that it had a fault, wasn't formed correctly to begin with and it just took this long for it to get bad enough to break.  I wasn't even eating anything hard!  I took a bite of  a ham sandwich!  So I spent a few days with them filing it and figuring out what to do with it and then getting it fixed and they used one of those ring things that go around it while they were working on it and man, did it tear up my gums.  Not to mention they are a bit shot happy at this office!  lol.  They gave me the numbing stuff and then told me they were going to do it again to be sure it didn't wear off.   I'd have rather just had the first set, but, whatever.  The good news is that they did fix it, it's smooth and looks good and I'm happy with it.

I have a relative who was pregnant with twins and she went into premature labor this week and they tried to stop it but ended up delivering her because they couldn't get the contractions stopped and then her water broke.  Both babies are small but are doing OK right now.  One is not quite 4 pounds and one is a teeny bit over 4 pounds, so pretty good weights.  She did get the steroid shots for their lung development, I know that helps tremendously.  As of my last update one was still on cpap but they thought would come off it today some time.  Twin girls!  No names yet, but hopefully soon.

The weather is cooling off here quite nicely.  To the point where I need to check the 10 day forecast today.  I think I may need to pull my green tomatoes and get them in the house pretty soon.

I'm making a small batch of tomato sauce today.  Yay.

I need to do some more reading and researching about making dishwasher soap.  I could not find liquid castile soap around here, only bar castile soap, so I guess I'm back to making powder dishwasher detergent. Will keep you updated on that.

OK, have to get back in the kitchen and check on my sauce.  I hope everyone has been doing well.

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BrokenRoadFarm said...

Wow! You have been busy! My daughter was 8 weeks preemie - they tried to stop my labor as well, but 36 hours later there she was :-) Her lungs had already developed the surfactant (sp?). To look at her now (at 20 yrs old), you would never know she was just a peanut when she was born (4 lbs, 4 oz). Hope all goes well for the new little ones!