Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Where to start?

OK, the tenants are ducking the manager, refusing to return his calls or texts and no, they still haven't paid a penny for this month's rent even though the manager confirmed that they do still have some stuff in the house.  People never cease to amaze me, and not in a good way.  :(   Will see what happens.

Scouts has started up again.  New dens and a new pack this year.  I'm a co-leader this year and we plan to have a lot of fun with the kids.

I've got a sick kiddo at home.  He's been running a fever since Friday afternoon.  Straight on, no break in it.  He's also got a very steady cough but it's a dry sounding cough and his lungs sound clear, thank goodness.  Doctor wants to see him tomorrow afternoon if it hasn't broken and he's not better.  Guessing they'll throw an antibiotic at it and see if it does anything.   This is my never wants to miss school kid, so not only does he feel miserable, he's VERY irritated on top of it.  lol.

I think I got the pictures of my dried tomatoes fixed so I'm going to see if I can get them posted.  For some reason the camera was telling me the pictures were not in a recognized format - when the camera is the same one that took them and PUT THEM in that format!  lol.  Who knows!

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