Friday, September 23, 2011

What would you do with it?

We have this in the garage.

It's a deer hide from one of the does DH got last year.  It's not a pretty shape as they were already working on her when I went out there and asked them to save the hide because she was so big, body-wise.

It's been salted and tanned but it didn't get 'worked' as well as it should because the guy (a friend who wanted to do it for practice) let it dry too much in that stage.  So it's semi-soft, but not super pliable soft, if that makes any sense.

We are in a rental, so I can't tack it to the wall (and it is an odd shape because two guys were skinning her and they didn't cut the front quarters parts at the same place).


What would you do with it?

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Erin said...

Can you stretch it to a frame and hang it? Less holes in the wall? Or you could just drape it over the headboard or over your bed comforter/quilt? That's what I'm doing with the one I have, it was given to me as a gift to recover a chair with but honestly I don't want to staple gun through it because it was a gift from some special people so now it has sentimental value :)