Thursday, September 8, 2011

How is everyone doing?

I had some pictures I was going to put up of me drying some tomatoes, but for some reason they aren't uploading, so I'll wait and try again tomorrow, I guess.

No word from the realtor yet.  Sigh.

Today I had to take Mawmaw to a doctor's appoint so we drove 40 minutes to get there only to be told that for some unknown reason they had made her appointment in another city another hour away.  At an office we've NEVER been to.  No idea where it even is.  ????????   So, that was a wasted trip.  Gee, thanks for letting me waste that gas, folks.

I've been working on a small quilt today.  It'll be a gift, so I won't show you all of it in case the person reads here.  I don't think she does, but you never

I hope to finish the top tonight and then I can take a picture and show you at least part of it.

We got some light rain today and, while we need it, I can't help but wish it was Texas getting it instead.  Yes, I'm a Texas girl and my home state is literally burning up.  So very heart breaking.   If you've got time for an extra prayer, the firefighters and residents down there can sure use them right now.

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