Saturday, September 17, 2011


If I haven't made it clear, we love Mawmaw, but there are times where you cannot help but laugh at things that happen sometimes.

Deer season is coming.  Hubby bow hunts.  It's an old bow, but it's served him well and it works and he's good with it, so I'm all for it.  Fills up the freezer.  :)  He and a few buddies have been practicing in the backyard after work a few evenings per week, getting ready.

On to my story:

Oldest child has been sick and was home from school.  I hear Mawmaw call him over to the back door by the kitchen.

She wants to know "What's that thing out there?  Is it an animal?"

Child says:  Yes, it's a deer target.

Mawmaw:  A deer target?

Child:  Yes, they shoot their bows at it to practice.

Mawmaw:  Why doesn't it move when they shoot at it??!?!!!?????

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Erin said...

That's hilarious! :)