Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh! I forgot!

Who, me, forget something?  LOL!

I was looking at the pictures on the camera and realized I forgot to come back and update you on the freezer.  It's all finished.

Just as a refresher, here are the before pics:

The during (just so you know I really did defrost it and clean it):

The afters:

Top shelf is chicken, next is pork, next is beef and venison.  There are a whopping eight packages of venison left in there.  Glad deer season is coming up.  Last year deer season ended here because we ran out of freezer space.

This year I'm going to can some venison, just because I've never done it before.  Plus, bonus!, I have this beauty in the basement that we can fill up.  Right now it's unplugged but I plan to put JUST venison in it, that way everything won't get all mixed up again.  It belongs to the landlord but she doesn't have room for it at her home, so she leaves it here and said we could use it.  Woohoo!

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