Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spelling bee

I have a friend who's going to college and she was working on a paper on her laptop at church while waiting on a child's activity to end.  I walked by and she asked me how many qs there are in acquire.

Me:  ????   Um, one.  (Is there any word with more than one???)
Her:  No, I tried that and it still says it's wrong.
Me:  You know there's a c in there, too, right?
Her:  Really?
Me:  Yes, maybe that's the problem.  Acqu.....
Her:  Nope, still wrong.  It must have more than one q.
Me: (Trying not to laugh)  Let me look.
I walk over.......
Me:  Oh!  You need an i, too.  A-c-q-u-i-r-e
Her:  That's is!  Wow, that really looks funny!

As opposed to acqquire?   lol

Then I taught her the neat trick of right clicking on the underlined word to get suggestions of how to spell it correctly.  :)


Erin said...

LOL! I admit I'm one of those walking dictionaries too, much to my husband's dismay :)

hoosier girl said...

This is exactly why texting and facebook drive me nuts! I want to correct everyone and of course I can't! Great post!