Friday, January 13, 2012

Parenting Often Teaches Me

That I don't know what I think I know!  lol

I took the older two kiddos to have their eye exams yesterday.  I was fairly sure my middle son needed glasses. I wear glasses and have for years.  Everything is a blur without them, so if they inherit my eyesight, they got it fair and square from genetics.

To say he was NOT pleased is quite an understatement.

Well, here's what I learned:

Children, until around age 10, are naturally far sighted.  No one has ever told us this before, oddly enough.

So, him being far sighted is fine as long as he's not horribly far sighted, which he's not.

So, he doesn't need glasses.

However, his older brother does.  I didn't suspect him of needing them at all!   Shows what I know, huh?!?

He's actually kinda excited about getting glasses, which makes this a lot easier on all of us.  He's got a very weak prescription, but mine started out that way, too, so we'll see what happens as he grows.  Actually, one of his eyes barely qualified for a prescription at all, but it was compensating for the other, weaker, eye, so now they should both be back to 20/20.

She told him his eyes WILL change as he grows, his sight might get better or it might get worse, it just depends on the shape of his eyes as he grows, so we'll all have to wait and see.


Erin said...

I just finally got glasses this year so I have been very, very lucky! Now I'm so used to them that I can't see without them, I really must have been compensating a lot!

Jody said...

I still remember being excited about my first pair of glasses. It was the third grade. I must have cost my parents a fortune for the frames I broke or lost over the years! I'm glad your oldest is excited about them. Hopefully he can do a better job at taking care of them then I did.