Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Private Selections Foods

I belong to BzzAgent and I was given coupons for a free frozen appetizer, a free frozen pizza and a free frozen dessert from the Private Selections food line.  I was to try them out and then report what we thought of them.  I was not paid any money, I did get the items for free, but I was to report my honest opinion in exchange for getting to try them for free.

This was our experience:

My children were with me when I picked up the Private Selections foods.  We picked out the Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets, the Barbeque Chicken Pizza and the Miniature Vanilla Cream Puffs.

We had a party to attend and everyone was asked to bring an appetizer and/or dessert to share.


We cooked the trumpets and pizza and cut them into bite sized pieces.  We cut the trumpets in half, length-wise and we cut the pizza into small pieces, roughly square in shape.

I love Southwestern anything so I tried the trumpets and I found them lacking in heat.  They weren't badly seasoned, they just needed MORE seasoning and heat, in my opinion.

When we got to the meeting I told everyone that I'm a Bzz Agent a and that I wanted them to help me try out these foods and to let me know what they thought.

The kids seemed to like the trumpets except a few said there was too much empty dough at the top.  The only parent who mentioned them to me said they shouldn't be called Southwestern as they weren't hot at all, so she agreed with my opinion.

I liked the pizza as I LOVE onions and there were quite a few purple onions on it.  The kids, however, did not.  Most of them picked the onions off, complained about how many onions were on it or refused to even try it because they could see the onions.  The other adults seemed to like it, though.

While the kids were playing games I had the puffs thawing out.  I tried one before I brought the tray out and I liked it OK.  It wasn't super sweet, which is good for me, but I feel like it was missing something.  Maybe a bit of dark chocolate for contrast or a tangy berry or something.  The kids LOVED them, however, and they disappeared VERY quickly.  I'm not sure if any other adults got to try them.

I don't see myself buying these items on every shopping trip, but I'll consider buying them for future events like this where I need to bring some easy appetizer to share or to have on hand for snacking when kids are over to play with ours.

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