Saturday, January 21, 2012


Carolyn Renee at Krazo Acres hosted a give away on her blog.  Not just any give away, either.


Specifically, chocolates from Louisa's & Millie's Chocolates  

I won!  Woohoo!

Carolyn Renee asked me if I preferred milk chocolate or dark chocolate, nut or no nuts, etc.  Hey, I'm just THRILLED to be getting chocolate!  I told her to tell her friends to surprise me.   They could send whatever they had too much of that day or whatever they wanted.  No food allergies in this house, so we're fine with whatever.

Well, they arrived! 

I should start by saying, they arrived the day before yesterday but the mail was late that day and everyone was home.  I KNEW if I opened the package then the family would pounce and I wouldn't get any pictures.  Or any chocolate!  

So I hid the box in my closet until yesterday when I opened it.  Wow are there are a LOT of chocolates in this box!

I had to prop some pieces up around the edge to be able to show you everything.  This box is FULL of gorgeous chocolates and the smell, ooh, wonderful!

(Ignore the date on the pictures, please, my camera is dying a slow and annoying death.)

So far I've eaten the hand dipped chocolate covered cherry and two small chocolates that were filled with a cream filling.  One was a butter cream type filling and the other was a mint filling and since I'm a mint addict, it was AMAZING!

Look at these cute little chocolates!  Not are they darling because they are so small (put them next to a dime so you could see the size) but they are decorated with snowflakes and gingerbread men!


Carolyn Renee, I want to thank you once again for the chocolates.  Please pass my thanks along to your friend, too, and let them know that they are WONDERFUL.


Carolyn Renee said...

Glad you like the chocolates! And I can totally relate having to hide least for a while!

Akannie said...

Can never go wrong with chocolates....esp. this time of year!! lol

Enjoy your windfall!!!!