Monday, January 30, 2012

Well, that's logical

Yesterday evening we had to be out of the house at our normal dinner time.  I sent hubby to tell Mawmaw that she HAD to eat dinner but we weren't going to be here when she did.  Plenty of left overs and sandwich stuff, cereal, soup, etc.

He knocks on her door and she says come in, so he does.
She's in bed, had been asleep.

He tells her that we are leaving for a couple of hours, she HAS to eat something for dinner and lists a bunch of options for her.

Her response?

"I can't eat now, it's only 4:30.  It's too early to eat."

Him:  "You don't have to eat now, you just have to eat something for dinner."
Her:  "Oh, OK."

Ummm, anyone else see an issue here?

It's too early for her to eat dinner but it's NOT too early for her to be in bed asleep????

And no, she didn't eat.  This morning when I called her on it she lied and said she ate leftover mashed potatoes and gravy from the night before.

Yeah, well, that would be pretty amazing considering I sent all of the left overs from that meal with Hubby to work for lunch.......there were no potatoes and gravy in there to eat!



Erin said...

How do you do it? Sigh... our time is coming I think, we recently found out hubby's mom "disappeared" for a spell out in AZ, sister in law went to check on her and found her in a new apartment, not in a good part of town, and had trouble figuring out who her daughter was, and remembering her son's name (hubby) but appeared okay after an hour or so. His sister is much younger than us so I imagine we will be dealing with this stuff soon. Crazy too, because she's only about 60! I am living vicariously through you on this one right now LOL!

Amy said...

Hey hon. I've had a ton of health issues going on and hadn't been to my blog since the LeapPad post I'd done around the middle of Dec. I just went back to the blog a few minutes ago and saw that you'd asked me to email you through the site that's having problems. I went to the site, but you're not listed on the top of that board anymore. Please email me at: jaammull "at" I'm so so sorry I just saw your message! <3