Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Ramblings

Some Mawmaw-isms for you:

I hope no one in the whole world EVER has toe pain like this.  It's horrible and I don't think anyone else could take it.

The horrible pain that no one else in the world could possibly stand is a corn.  They've shaved it down and given her some little pads to wear next to that toe to shield it.  They also told her to stop buying shoes that are TOO NARROW because that crowds the toes together, but she just won't accept that she needs a 'wide' shoe, so she won't go buy new ones.  I bought her new ones for Christmas.  She refuses to wear them.

My little guy is coughing.  He's the one dealing with pertussis right now.  (Side note:  pretty sure hubby has it, too.  Yay.)  Her diagnosis?  "He's got that summer virus that's going around."

No, I do not know what a summer virus is, why it would cause a cough or why you'd have it in the middle of January.

Took her to the store with me this morning.  She heads straight for the clothes.  I go in after her and tell her NOT to buy any clothes.  You just spend $80 ordering pants.  You can not afford to buy any more clothes plus you have no where to put them.

"I wasn't going to buy anything, I was just looking at the colors."

Any one else see that pig flying by???

Oh - the pants.  She ordered her 'favorite pants in the whole wide world.'  She had the money, it's hers to spend.  She ordered 10, yes, 10, pair of pants.  Elastic waist polyester pants, one of every color they offered, which were what we shall nicely term old lady colors:  lavender, neon green, yellow and of course her beloved PINK.

I don't even know what to say about that anymore!  lol

Oh - did I ever tell you how she says women should NEVER, EVER wear cotton underwear?
Well, that's what she says.
Want to know why?
They'll cause your belly button to get infected.

Yeah, feel free to figure it out yourself, I'm not even trying!


Carolyn Renee said...

All I can say about some of those is, "Uhmmmmmmmmm" :)

hoosier girl said...

Bless Mawmaw's heart! And er, um, don't tell her I wear cotton underwear :)

Erin said...

LOL! Oh my, you are a strong person hahaha I don't even own 10 pants in my whole closet let alone shop for in one day! You should teach a class on patience :) I wonder what time of year one would be susceptible to the "winter virus".... :)