Monday, December 12, 2011


OK, who else is busy up to their eyeballs right now?

Today on top of normal laundry, feed the family, dole out medications, on and on, I have jalapenos drying in the dehydrator (they smell WONDERFUL) and we're baking double batches of cookies and canning more venison.  I still have to slice up a bunch of venison so it can marinade to be come jerky and I'm waiting for a conference call to come in, which will probably ensure at least one batch of forgotten and burned cookies.  lol.

I need to go pull the few onions that are left outside, too.

Can you believe that hubby got a doe this weekend, biggest doe this year and we forgot to take a picture?  Of course you can, you know how I am about pictures.  lol.

Oh - we did get the tree up.  It's not decorated, but it's up.  Hey, that counts for something, right?  Yeah, OK, fine, add that to the To Do List, too.  I see how you are.


Jody said...

How about that? We just processed a doe too! And we plan to make jerky. Don't tell Belle, but I'm giving her a jerky gun for Christmas.

Erin said...

Busy here too, what happened to winter being "down time" ? LOL.... envious of your venison!