Sunday, December 18, 2011

Only in my life

I live close to a small bank.  You can see the back of the bank from where I live.  The back is where they have the night drop box thing.  I know the guy from the pizza place and the lady from the gas station use it nightly after they close up because we've seen them there lots of times.  Some other people use it, but I don't know who they are.  The back parking lot of the bank is NOT lit.  So if you come to make a night deposit, you are using your vehicle lights to see to operate the drop.

Last night not long after it got dark I happened to look out the window and there was a vehicle parked in the back lot, backed up under the one big tree back there.  I figured they were waiting on someone or making a cell call (lots of dead areas around here) or something.  Well, about an hour later they were still there, they caught my attention because something lit up inside the car briefly, like they were lighting a cigarette or something, so I knew someone was in there.

Well, when I started to get the kids ready for bed they were still there.  This would have been almost three hours from when I first saw them.  I'm now wondering what the heck they are up to.  Are they waiting for a night drop person to come by to rob them or are they traveling and planning to sleep in their car back there or what?

So, I called the sheriff's office.  Told the nice man it wasn't an emergency, but if they would check it out on their next time by the area, I'd appreciate it.

I went about getting the kids ready for and into bed.  At some point they did go over there because the next time I looked, probably 45 minutes later, the car was gone.

A little later my phone rang.  It was the very nice dispatch person.

He just wanted to let me know they had made contact with the vehicle and driver and everything was fine.

It was a sheriff from the neighboring county!!!!!   He said he was taking his break there.  Now, that was one long break, but I was totally laughing inside and did LOL when I got off the phone after thanking him.

I called the sheriff ON a sheriff!


Erin said...

That almost sounds like that sherriff was up to something he didn't want his own county to see, and I don't mean robbing someone, yikes! Glad everything was okay, I would have called too!

Jody said...

Too funny. I'm just wonder what could keep him occupied for 3 hours. Snore, snore, snore?