Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kinda grumpy today

Does anyone else get sick of hearing about people who continue to make HORRIBLE choices but things keep coming up roses for them?  I know it's not nice to think about, but I'm human and hey, why can't WE catch a break like that sometimes?

I'm not talking about the generic 'them' making bad choices that you hear about........I'm talking about someone you actually know.

There is someone we know who was caught stealing money from an organization.  A non-profit organization, one that needs every single penny they can get.  During that investigation it came out that, hey, that's not actually the first time they were caught stealing money...turns out that when they told everyone they were let go at their previous job due to downsizing and the economy, what they really meant was that they were fired for stealing money.  The owners agreed to let them repay it (wonder if they ever got that money back?) instead of filing charges (as they should have, IMO) to keep things quiet and avoid gossip about the person and the company.  So........they obviously learned they could get away with it, right?  I mean, they went on to do it again, at least once.

They got probation for the non-profit org. situation and had to repay the money.  They repaid it in part by taking out everything their child had saved for college........money they'd been given for gifts, birthdays, money he earned from his part time job.  Hey, he's a minor, so they are on his account, so they can empty it.  What a lousy family he was born into.  They had a big mobile home that they were living in and had been for years, on the land of one of their parents.  So, when they got busted and word got out, they abandoned that house and bought another house, forging paperwork saying the trailer was rented out.  Their parents had to deal with the trash they left and the company that eventually came to repo. the house.  They tore their pasture up getting that thing out of there, too.

Now I've heard that they have lost the house, too.  They refinanced it into a balloon payment (yeah, I know!?!?) and of course couldn't make the payment, so they lost it.

Someone that knows their parents has rented a house to them for way below market rent to 'help them get back on their feet.'  

Fine, IF they were trying to get back on their feet.  I think this person is going to learn a hard lesson and probably lose their friendship with the parents over this, because I just don't see it ending well based on how they've lived for the last 10-20 years, you know?


I'm already irritated just hearing the latest saga and then today I checked our freecycle bb want section.  We have junk around here and while I don't have time to go through everything and offer it all up, when I see a request for something, I will go dig it out if I know we have it or something that might work instead.

Today alone there are THREE requests for vehicles.  I know stuff happens, cars break and you can't afford to get them fixed if you're out of work, marriages split up and one person takes the car leaving the other stranded, etc.  I understand that.

However, I simply do NOT see how people can lack so much common sense.  

Two of those requests had specifics.  

They read pretty much like this:

Wanted:  Truck
We want a truck, 2005 or newer.  Thanks

SERIOUSLY???????  I'd like a new truck, too, but considering the fact that I drive a 2000 Durango (that was bought used), you wouldn't even want my personal vehicle IF I had a way to not need it and give it to you.  My personal vehicle wouldn't be good enough for you, I guess.

Then the third one read like this:

Wanted:  Van
We have four children and need a van.  We'd like a 15 passenger van.  The children won't all fit in our convertible.  Thank you.

Um....trade in the convertible and get a minivan?  Sell it and buy a used van?  SOMETHING!!!!!



Lisa said...

I have relatives like that. They drive me nuts. I work for what I have , they scam, scheme, lie, cheat and steal for theirs!

Linda said...

Oh the freecycle adds were quite funny! We can't help but shake our heads. It's the times we live in. So many have no pride or morals. We live in a throw away "ME" world today.

Tiny Gardener said...

I hear you on this one... I know some people personally that, no matter what they do or what happens to them as a result of what they do, the sun shines out of their butts and everyone just jumps to the rescue... Now, if that were me?? Tough friggin luck chuck!!! Those freecycle ads sometimes really tick me off... ugh!!!

fullfreezer said...

Ugh, some people... But, all we can do is decide that we're not going to let them get to us. I really think that some people do the things they do in order to see what kind of a reaction they can get from people. And sadly, sometimes, that reaction is that others rescue them. They learn that it works, then it becomes a habit. sigh... I'm glad I don't live my life that way. How miserable they must be deep down inside (one can hope!)

Erin said...

Wanted: people to trade their $500K house for my $240K house.... LOL!!! Oh my, this is so much drama, how can people live like this? They always seem to do fine too, I guess it's because they just don't care what others think or the example they are setting.

Akannie said...

LMAO.....sorry, but I can't stop laughing....

Boy....some peoples kids, huh?

Merry Christmas, Tina...