Saturday, December 31, 2011


I've been on an outing with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.  Oh, the stories I can tell you!  lol.

Here's the first one.

We were invited to a buffalo farm for a private tour.  The tour guide knew the herd by site/name so he pointed out members of the herd and told us their names, how old they are, who their offspring are, etc.  They are a matriarchal society, so he pointed out the 'lady' in charge and told us that the 'ladies' train the bulls on how to treat 'women' by basically beating the tar out of them when they are young until they get the general idea of how to behave.  lol.

He took us out into the herd on this metal sided trailer so we were really close to them.  Some of the bulls are known for being mean so we were all instructed on what noises to NOT make, to turn off all electrical devices, etc., because they WILL protect their calves when they hear something that they don't recognize.  Judging from the dents in the trailer and truck, we believed him.

Then, though, the guide starts to complain.  He tells us how everyone calls them buffalo but they are really genus/species: bison-bison, so everyone is WRONG in calling them buffalo, just like the Scouts all did when he asked them what they were there to see. 


We're all calling them buffalo because your huge sign says:  Lastname Buffalo Farm!!!  

If you want us to call them bison, change your sign!!!!!!!

I did learn a lot there and really enjoyed the tour.  For instance, I found out that it's cheaper to buy a live buffalo that's pregnant (so two for your money) than it is to buy a buffalo head mounted to go on the wall and a hide.....I know this because they sold them in their gift shop along with bison meat, HUGE geodes and various other things like soaps and candles.  


Carolyn Renee said...

OMG, that part about the "Buffalo" sign is priceless!!

We have a few BUFFALO ranches around here and it's always neat to see them. (I have a sudden urge to NEVER say the word "bison" again!)

Oh, and what's better than Buffalo Chips??


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Erin said...

LOL that's hilarious about the sign! My husband and I just became Cub Scout leaders and have zip experience, so this should be a fun journey for us LOL.... I may have to pick your brain sometime!