Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not the way I wanted to spend my weekend

Well, today is day two of horrible stomach cramps.  Youngest son and I picked up a stomach *thing* somewhere and this is day two.  Not queasy, thank goodness, just VERY crampy and the potty breaks are fairly frequent.  Slept with a heating pad last night and I guess I slept curled up or something because this morning I awoke to not only cranks, but my back aching, lol.  Double the fun.

We didn't go to church, I don't want to risk passing it around plus I know I'd be in and out of the service, so I'll just pick up a CD of the sermon (small church but we record every service and make a few copies for anyone who had to miss) later on this week and catch up.

I'm not anti-doctor or anti-medication, but I firmly believe that with stuff like this it's best to just let it run it's course as long as no one is getting dehydrated or anything like that.  So far the little one is still playing and having fun, so we'll leave it alone and hope that today is the last day and that tomorrow is better.

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