Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being prepared (and saving money)

We do what we can to save money and for our family, one area that I can make the most difference in, budget-wise, is food.  I try to grow a garden every year.  Some years we are moving during gardening time or we live where a garden isn't allowed, so I try to grow things in containers during those times.  Every little bit counts.  Plus, homegrown food just tastes SO much better than the produce you buy at the store that was picked well before it was ripe so they could ship it across the country to you before it rotted.  My husband hunts and we all love to fish, so we supplement our meat, as well.  I can, freeze and dry things to save them for later consumption.

If you've seen the news at all recently, you've seen the mess we are in with the country's finances.  You've also likely seen headlines saying that military members, other government workers, social security recipients, etc., are all wondering if, and if so, when, they will get paid if they can't agree in Washington.  That's certainly true, we are all wondering that and you know someone has the answer, but fear is a powerful motivator.  If they were to assure certain groups  that their money WILL come, well, there wouldn't be the easier agreement to maybe accept some cuts, changes or spending that you wouldn't normally consider.  Hey, NO ONE wants to be considered the guy/gal that kept the (military/retirees/etc.) from getting paid, right?

We have an emergency fund right now that will allow us to be OK, with very careful monitoring of spending, for a while but a lot of people are not in this position because they've wiped out their fund because of a recent emergency or job loss or they didn't have an emergency fund to begin with.

No matter what *side of the fence* you sit on, let's all hope that those folks up there can work TOGETHER and get this mess figured out.  Sooner rather than later.

While we wait on that, let's talk about some ways we save money and maybe you can tell me what you do and we'll all learn some new things.  :)

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