Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beans are about done

This heat wave is killing off my garden quickly.  :(  I did can some green beans recently and we have gotten one more batch out of there for a fresh meal, but I think I'll have to pull the plants in the next week sometime.

Here are the beans fresh picked

Just because I think it's so neat and I want to share it.  Here is the stove that I use to run my pressure canner.  It's in our garage.  The lady that had this house built loved to can (and there is an electric flat top in the kitchen) so she had this installed in the garage with a working sink to the right of it.  I LOVE IT and am especially grateful that she left it in place.

Cleaned and ready to pack in jars:

Packed in jars with the salt added:

In jars with salt and water added and ready to go in canner

I forgot to take a picture of them in the canner and afterwards, sorry.

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