Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So, our house back home is empty again.  The renters that were in it, a newlywed couple with one child from her previous marriage skipped out.

The man worked for a construction company and he said that the company was shut down by the IRS.  This was at the beginning of May.  The realtor told him he'd work with him as best he could, just keep him up to date on what was going on.  They had been good tenants, paying on time, keeping the place mowed, etc.

Well, to keep this short, he told the realtor his unemployment would start coming in last week and he'd be paying, just late.  We agreed to work with him and waive most of the late fees and the realtor told him so.

The realtor called a few minutes ago.

They skipped out over the weekend.  They left some trash in the house but he said it's not too bad.  They didn't bother to leave the keys locked in the house, they took those.  We'd rekey it, anyway, but still.........

And you know, if they'd have been honest and said they needed to move, it would have been fine.  Annoying, but fine, because they were honest.  We could have put the ad in the paper and had it in Sunday's paper.

But, no.  Why be honest and up front with people who have been working with you and trying to make it work for you?

People suck.


Carolyn Renee said...

Unfortunately, it's these types of people that make me error on the side of "being mean" when it comes to giving people a chance, be it a loan of materials or $$, or being able to believe their "promises".

What a great way to thank you for your previous generosity, hugh? Sorry that they stuck you like that.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Thank you for being willing to write my little one. I hope you solve your renters issue! Melissa

tami said...

Some of it could also be embarassment or just the urge to run away. No excuses, just go. If you're only out the rent and no damage to your house, I'd say you got off lucky.

I've heard horror stories from my nephew who had renters who wouldn't pay and they could not get them out without going to court and they STILL didn't get paid.


dr momi said...

Glad they didn't trash the house, but still...a little heads up would have been nice!

Erin said...

ugh, as a landlord myself, I am so sorry about this. We depend on our rental income to make it all work and there is so much stress involved in it all. Ugh.

Katie said...

We're landlords too, and our most recent one like that skipped with about 3 months due. The place wasn't exactly trashed, but they left a lot of carp in the backyard, which hadn't had ANY love for a long time, including water which we paid for, and the place had to be cleaned and painted.

Luckily it's now being rented by my ds and his new wife, who cleaned it all up and pay early every month. :-)

Best to you on yours.