Sunday, June 10, 2012

Busy and fun weekend

I told you before that we're staring a brand new Boy Scout Troop.  This weekend we had our first camp out as a new Troop.  We had some families out of town but I think we had about 15 boys the first night and 10 the second.

It was hot, dirty, messy and a ton of fun.  I didn't stay out there with them over night because it wasn't a family Scouting trip and DH was already there, so for me to stay the other two boys would have to stay, which would make it a family outing.

Anyway, I did spend most of the weekend out there, starting Friday afternoon when we were setting up and dropping off.

It was sort-of-organized chaos.   :)

Saturday morning we'd set up a secret outing for the men to take the boys on.

While they were gone, I took my younger two children back to their camp and we moved the tents around, switching their places.  We also took neon colored streamers and 'wrapped' the place as well as decorated the cots and hammocks of the men.  I realized half way there I'd forgotten my camera but didn't have time to go back and get it, so I don't have pictures of it.  You'll have to trust me that it was colorful.  We weaved the streamers on and across the tents, hooking them together via streamer and going across the door ways. We did the same with the chairs and picnic table.

I didn't know when they'd be back, so we were hurrying.  When we were leaving out of the long road out I saw their vehicles coming.

Darn, busted!

The first vehicle's driver is a friend, he saw me and waved as he passed.  The second car's driver didn't notice me.  The third was my husband and we stopped.  The fourth saw me because he had to wait for DH to pull off the road to talk to me.

I went back out there Saturday in the early evening and found out that none of the men told the boys who did it.  They just said it was a Mom.  lol.  NONE of the boys noticed me driving by and my son didn't ride with DH, so he didn't realize Dad had stopped to talk to Mom.  So we pulled it off after all!  lol

I did own up to it after about an hour of them asking me repeatedly and they thought it was funny.

I'm glad they enjoyed it - because I have plans for future trips, too!


Erin said...

LOL! Sounds like a fun weekend!

Katie said...

Your camping trips ought to reel the boys in!