Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Canning in the garage

This old gas stove is in the garage.  I use my pressure canner out here because I hate the electric cook top in the house because it cycles off and on, making a steady pressure a pain, I don't like cooking on electric stoves in general and I'm afraid the weight of my canner might break it.  

So I use this marvelous old gal in the garage:

Isn't she wonderful in all her turquoise-ness?!?!  

What's in there you ask?

Well, it's venison!

The color is a bit off from reality, but I'm excited.  I've never canned venison before, so I wanted to try it.  I now have seven quarts of venison on my shelf.  


Amy said...

Oh wow! My hubby would be so jealous! He's out bow hunting right now. He's all excited because rutt has kicked in. lol I LOVE the old stove in the garage, too! How neat!

Erin said...

nice job on that venison, and that stove is gorgeous!!

Akannie said...

Beautiful stove--what a find!!!

I'm going to set up a summer kitchen in a little 200 sq ft apt I have behind my garage and off my back deck. Hopeful;ly by spring!

I canned some meats this year for the first time. I'll definitely do it again...